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Translation Theory and Practice NEVER ask the client Are you doing this on purpose? As some kind of deliberate provocation? Or do you
really believe it??? [quote]Daniel Frisano
wrote: Then don't complain that you're not
respected enough or underpaid. I've never
Daryo Apr 11
Translation news Wanted: Black women English to Dutch translators What about these? Histoire d'O Written under a pseudonym - a female
name. Real author unknown for 40 years. Most
people convinced that "... the book could only
have been written by a man" Turned out the a
Daryo Mar 26
Scams A word of caution - beware what you publish Somehow, you reminded me [quote]Mihai Badea wrote: Self-rightousness
might prove costly in the medium and long
term. Private conversations are supposed to
remain private. If someone contacts us with
Daryo Mar 15
Translation news Wanted: Black women English to Dutch translators So ...? the only people "approved" to translate "La
Ballade des pendus" would be males on Death
Row? Before anyone starts howling in outrage,
check first the facts about "La Ballade des
Daryo Mar 14
Business issues NDAs - can you just sign them? That kind of stupid clauses [quote]Marina Taffetani wrote: I think you (we)
should always read NDAs carefully. I quoted on a
translation project a few weeks ago. I'd never
worked with that agency before, but they
Daryo Mar 12
Business issues Has anybody ever dealt with a client in DPA (Deferred Prosecution Agreement)? Doesn't sound rigth [quote]Davide Leone wrote: [quote]Daryo
wrote: if it's still showing as "active" and
they must have some publicly available contact
details. Not 100% sure about it, but I can't
Daryo Mar 12
Business issues Has anybody ever dealt with a client in DPA (Deferred Prosecution Agreement)? Someone must be running this company if it's still showing as "active" and they must
have some publicly available contact
details. Not 100% sure about it, but I can't
see why would this DPA (Deferred Prosecution
Daryo Mar 11
Off topic audio file into mp3 If you want to play with audio files try this one Daryo Feb 25
Off topic Resuscitation of 20 years old threads is disturbing Attacking? [quote]Angie Garbarino wrote: [quote]Daryo
wrote: [quote]Angie Garbarino wrote: I found
it anachronistic, useless and confusing, people
often do not realize the start date, so dis
Daryo Feb 25
Off topic Virus Email This thread has gone completely "off-off topic"!!! to go back to the initial "off-topic"
topic. Nowadays virus emails are still a
threat, but far from being the main one. Just
one example: today simply visiting the wrong
Daryo Feb 25
Off topic Resuscitation of 20 years old threads is disturbing What is disturbing? [quote]Angie Garbarino wrote: I found it
anachronistic, useless and confusing, people often
do not realize the start date, so discussion
become odd, obsolete and useless, in 20 years th
Daryo Feb 20
Scams SCAM: If you know who is the end client - ***the one that needed the
translations*** contact THAT company and -
made them aware that you are still owner of the
copyright - request from them the details
Daryo Feb 18
Off topic Book burning... Keep Up The Good Work [quote]Tom in London wrote: [quote]Lincoln Hui
wrote: Recycling as paper is better than
burning. [/quote] Lincoln- please stop
resuscitating ancient threads. Haven't you got any
Daryo Feb 18
Off topic The Leader of the Band Sounds as relevant as ever and will stay relevant for a foreseeable
future. Try to order online something from
someone who never met you, who has no ways of
checking who you really are, who might even be on
Daryo Feb 18
Off topic 3.5.1 Which free web-based e-mail service would you recommend? NONE better get your own domain name and use it for
email (and possibly for your own website) Also
a good offline email reader, and be sure you have
all your emails on your own computer or
Daryo Feb 18
Business issues Is obtaining other company's registration documents part of the translator's duties? They maybe just want to bypass agents in their own country - cut middlemen. Take
a look at these
y-search/ Strictly speaking, it's definitely
NOT a "translator's
Daryo Feb 18
Business issues Scammed by a 5 stars rated agency. You forgot few details ... [quote]Chris S wrote: You got paid in full 10
days from delivery! I think if I were an agency
and a translator went public about me being a
scammer when payment was only a few days l
Daryo Jan 18
Scams Another day, another phony profile, another phony job offer... Unfortunately, the opposite is not much better [quote]writeaway wrote: Proz is there for
absolutely anyone who wants sign up as as a
translator, outsourcer or whatever. No questions
are asked, anything at all can be stated on the
Daryo Dec 29, 2020
KudoZ Can the "Vote non-pro" box please be repositioned? Or to show your own .... [quote]Chris S wrote: Tempting as it is, the
non-pro button is not actually there to express
disgust at others' ignorance. [/quote] True,
but he opposite also occasionally happens
Daryo Dec 26, 2020
Covid-19 outbreak Corona quarantine diary My slightly more informed guess would be [quote]Chris S wrote: .... I’m not a medical
doctor, but my uninformed guess would be
Cantfollowafewsimplerules Syndrome. Oh yes,
it’s back. Time for everyone to be
Daryo Dec 21, 2020
Getting established Client asking for telephone numbers of previous clients - is this legal? Wouldn't be so sure ... [quote]Mervyn Henderson wrote: People can ask
you whatever they want, and they can make any
request. They can ask you what time it is, they
can ask you how to get to the railway station
Daryo Dec 21, 2020
Money matters Ethical question about MT Why would you do that? [quote]Serena Marangoni wrote: I do big
discounts for clients based on fuzzy matches with
TMs from previous projects and
repetitions, Thanks for your suggestions.
[/quote] He
Daryo Dec 21, 2020
Money matters Editing rates by edtited text wordcount? As far as I'm concerned anything that is not my own translation should
be charged as if a translation was required -
especially for clients who want first to know the
rates before showing the text - and then de
Daryo Dec 21, 2020 Translation Contests Rating others' entries when you've entered yourself Where exactly it the problem? [quote]philgoddard wrote: I'm sorry if this has
been asked before, but I can't find any previous
posts. I recently entered some ProZ translation
contests for the first time, and was
Daryo Dec 5, 2020
Money matters Remuneration for a translation self published by author You would be surprised ... [quote]Samuel Murray wrote: [quote]Virginie
Pironin wrote: When I work with [a publisher], I
get paid in royalties and get an advance when
signing the contract/delivering the translati
Daryo Nov 28, 2020
Translation news Against the “Good” Translation: The Power of Disobedience If anyone told me that one day I would be quoting Margaret Thacher's
word, I would have dismissed it as preposterous.
Still ... I think that this mumbo-jumbo shouldn't
be given the oxygen of publicity - sh
Daryo Nov 13, 2020
Getting established Stumped by agency's question Be VERY careful about "proofreading" anything you could end up with someone else's horror show
failed attempt at translation or you could be
given some "Machine Translation" output to
"proofread" - so bad that it's easier to
Daryo Nov 11, 2020 suggestions Feature request: Dark Mode On the contrary [quote]Tom in London wrote: [quote]Jan Truper
wrote: Every time I open, I am
practically blinded by an abundance of bright
colors (mainly off-white and yellow). It hurts my<
Daryo Nov 6, 2020
Business issues Best-value paid business email provider? Not a good idea [quote]Tom in London wrote: [quote]Claire
Titchmarsh wrote: Hi All, I'm looking to
move away from Gmail, partly because I've had my
addresses for too long and had (non-work relate
Daryo Oct 29, 2020
Business issues Who pays for CAT tools (EX: Trados) The Employer or the Translator? You CAN NOT be "employed FT as freelance" you are either "employed" - an employee in which
case your employer will have to supply you with
"the tools of the trade" or you are
"freelancer" i.e. an independent / self-employed
Daryo Oct 24, 2020
Scams I was refused to be paid due to a terrible feedback the client refused to show me Wait a second ... What exactly is the role of this agency? Just
remove your name from the translation and put
their own instead and charge the client for the
privilege? Or are they supposed to check
Daryo Oct 19, 2020
Business issues External salesperson Interesting idea [quote]Anja Brito wrote: I have joined forces
with a few colleagues to form a small translation
company/collective, and we are looking for someone
to do business development and sales f
Daryo Oct 17, 2020
Money matters Could this be the lowest translation rate in history? Unfortunately there is no madness in this method [quote]Novian Cahyadi wrote: I stumbled upon a
job offer recently and the agency dared to go as
low as $0.004 per word. That includes proofreading
as well. I almost wanted to take on
Daryo Oct 12, 2020
Money matters Machine translation and price reductions And some people could do with a bit of "casuistique" ... [quote]Richard Purdom wrote: [quote]Tom in
London wrote: The problem is that some people
are in love with technology, even when it doesn't
work. [/quote] On the contrary old chap
Daryo Oct 1, 2020
Money matters Machine translation and price reductions That IS part of this thread ... [quote]Thomas Loob wrote: If you cannot discuss
the question I raised, why not start another
thread? [/quote] First you affirm (baselessly,
as far as I'm concerned) "machine tran
Daryo Sep 29, 2020
Interpreting Interpreting code of ethics Where exactly is the conflict of interest supposed to be? When you say "conflict of interest" you probably
mean conflict of your own interests with ... ????
whose interests exactly? And in which way?
What exactly is the potential problem you
Daryo Sep 29, 2020
Off topic Have you ever seen a translation so bad it made you cringe? ? [quote]Chris S wrote: When I were a lad, my
walk to Narrich bus station after school took me
past a shop called Knobs and Knockers. I never
went in there, but that was only because an
Daryo Sep 18, 2020 job systems An ambiguous "new feature" before removing it you should have tried to access your profile while
logged-out - that way you could know if your CV
was made available to just about anyone with an
internet connection. It might be a bug
Daryo Sep 18, 2020 technical support Verification If it's any consolation to you in one browser (and only in that one) in one of my
computers I can't log in AT ALL - I don't even get
to see silly pictures to chose from. Every time I
just get sent back to the login page
Daryo Sep 17, 2020
Business issues Agency request for copies of qualifications It does make sense to certain extent - from the agency's point of
view. It's not really the best predictor of
suitability to translate any undefined future text
that the agency might be asked to translate, b
Daryo Sep 14, 2020
Off topic Have you ever seen a translation so bad it made you cringe? Did see few of them, unfortunately it was no laughing matter as I happened to be the poor sod who had to turn
them into something palatable. Few times that I
had to check / redact other people's translations
before they were sent out. Some of
Daryo Sep 14, 2020
Copywriting / transcreation Translating copyrighted material Not always [quote]Sadek_A wrote: ... You hold the
copyright to all of your translations.
... [/quote] Yes, but ONLY if no one
paid you to do the translation. If it was a
Daryo Aug 26, 2020
Money matters Remuneration for a translation self published by author L'exception qui confirme la règle ? [quote]Adrien Esparron wrote: Bonjour
Virginie, In general, there is nothing to be
expected from a self-publication. The same applies
to a translation published in the same way.
Daryo Jul 23, 2020
Money matters Agency asking for credit note because end client does not agree with reported time spent Plus ça change, plus c'est pareil [quote]Christel Zipfel wrote: [quote]Tina
Vonhof wrote: Your hourly rate seems very high
to me - on your website you say that you charge
EUR 25 per hour for various language combinat
Daryo Jul 9, 2020
Scams RU>EN translation - no company existence the MINDFULDAY.RU domain name *is* registered with a registrar in Russia to a "private person" -
same as in UK you don't need to put ANY personal
information when you register a domain name
as your personal / private domain nam
Daryo Jul 8, 2020
Medical Medical Translation and Honesty I would call it differently "self-awareness" [of your own capacities and
limitations] rather than "honesty" but otherwise I
could only agree with you. Translations are not
"just words" - they can have very tangibl
Daryo Jun 22, 2020
Translation Article Knowledgebase Article: The Relevance of MT Post-editing Today and Tomorrow If that is the aim .... then Machine Translation is not the right
tool. "Many such projects come from clients who
just want to have a general understanding of the
texts they submit." As far as I can see it,
Daryo Jun 16, 2020
Translation news Germany Rejects ISO Standard for Legal Translation WHO is going to pay CHF118 ... 118 Swiss Francs simply for the privilege of
reading what a group a people most of which have
never done a single legal translation has to say
about it? see
Daryo May 26, 2020
Interpreting Healthcare interpreting UK Do you really want to work in the health sector in UK now when the
goverment is more concerned about spin than making
sure that health professionals are protected from
infection? You'll be almost safer worki
Daryo May 21, 2020
Business issues Can you wait a year or more before sending the invoice? Screaming from the top of the church tower of a small village, with a megaphone. Every
time you fancy posting anything on the public Web
under your full name, get first that picture in
your mind. You are basically asking on a
Daryo Mar 9, 2020

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