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» Cómo hacer de tu mejor herramienta
By Gemma Sanza Porcar | Published 11/17/2010 | Getting Established | Recommendation:
Este artículo está enmarcado dentro de las actividades de la III Conferencia ProZ en España (Barcelona, 2010) y cuyo título “Aspectos prácticos de la traducción” nos permite diseccionar esta labor desde muchas perspectivas. Como muestra de agradecimiento a ProZ por lo que “me ha dado” (aunque en realidad he sido yo la que lo “ha cogido”), intentaré daros algunas de las claves que me han servido a título personal para pasar de la primera situación a la segunda en un breve espacio de tiempo, en una época que será recordada como la peor crisis económica de la historia moderna y haciendo de una de nuestras mejores herramientas.
Recent Articles
» Rédaction épicène, les petits mots rassembleurs
By ISABELLE MEURVILLE | Published 06/9/2017 | French | Recommendation:
Écrire pour toustes
» Faux-amis en traduction juridique ES>FR: le cas de la réserve héréditaire. La reserva troncal
By José Antonio Ibáñez | Published 05/29/2017 | Legal/Patent Translation | Not yet recommended
Les faux-amis sont un piège à éviter dans toute traduction, notamment dans une traduction juridique. La recherche et la formation constituent une façon de les contourner.
» Let’s Count 2: Converting Rates
By EvaVer | Published 05/20/2017 | Financial Issues | Recommendation:
Your rates are set in € per source word, and you are asked to quote in $ per target standard page. Will you be able to? I have encountered colleagues and even agencies that are lost when faced with unfamiliar units, so here is some advice. I only deal with languages using letter alphabets – I know nothing about Chinese or Japanese, but I hope those who do will find at least some inspiration here to elaborate their own calculations.
» Let’s Count: Keeping the Money You Have Earned
By EvaVer | Published 05/10/2017 | Financial Issues | Recommendation:
Many language professionals are “bad at numbers” and some even seem to be proud of it, but business does require some sums to be done. Payment practices widespread in our industry often lead to unreasonable expenses, many of which could be avoided by using sound business practices.
» How Common and Usual Easily Beat Literal Compatibility
By Marcia Pinheiro | Published 05/8/2017 | Interpreting , Miscellaneous | Not yet recommended
This text is about how literal we should be when interpreting. We talk about the differences between interpreting and translating and how the negligence of those has led to us being a lot behind in interpreting. We talk about frequency in discourse and lexicon proximity as ways to judge how usual or common a term is. Communication effectiveness and speed are items that should connect exclusively to interpreting.
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